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Blue Dream - Full Strain Review and Growing Tips

Last Updated: September 28, 2023By Deborah Agboola

Our Blue Dream Strain full review dives into the origins, effects, and hottest topics surrounding this famous cannabis hybrid. Plus, tips on how to grow your Blue Dream seeds.

All About Blue Dream Weed

Quick reminder: Everyone's experience with a cannabis strain's effects is as unique as they are. Brace for variation!

Blue Dream strain buds in front of the jar from the dispensary

What exactly is Blue Dream strain?

Blue Dream strain is an institution with buds that have raised more interest and popularity than many new and flashy strains.

The modern Blue Dream strain origin can be traced back to medical patients in Santa Cruz, California in the early 2000s. The original breeder remains unknown and unnamed. Blue Dream strain is currently agreed upon to be a potent cross between Green House Seeds' Super Silver Haze and DJ Shorts Blueberry. But, this is only modern history. No one knows exactly how the strain came to be.

As with many popular strains, various versions of Blue Dream have emerged, making it nearly impossible to find consistent Blue Dream genetics from different dispensaries. Yet fans stay unshaken. For some cannabis consumers, it’s Blue Dream marijuana or nothing.

Other strains similar to Blue Dream marijuana include Blue Dream CBD, Double Dream, and Blue Magoo.

Note: Blue Dream marijuana is not the same marijuana strain as Blueberry Haze or Azure Haze. But many growers will call a Blueberry crossed with a Haze, "Blue Dream" for sales purposes.

What does Blue Dream look like?

close up look at Blue Dream marijuana bud covered in milky trichomes

Blue Dream marijuana has buds that resemble dense, but fluffy, popcorn. These Blue Dream buds are a cool neon green color with hints of gold hairs scattered on their structure. Its trichomes are a fine, milky white, abundant layer of potent goodness that makes the cannabis hybrid a great commercial choice for making Blue Dream marijuana concentrates or edibles. Looking for strains similar to Azure Haze or Santa Cruz Haze? Look for Blue Dream bud!

What is Blue Dream strain good for?

Blue Dream is a great strain for medical marijuana patients as several reports confirm. Medical cannabis consumers report relief from pain, discomfort, nausea, headaches, migraines, and mental health issues like depression and anxiety after trying the strain.

Its hybrid genetics also make it helpful in managing ADHD symptoms, stress, and chronic fatigue. But what makes Blue Dream really interesting is its biphasic nature.

Some MMJ patients have discovered that, when taken in high doses, the sativa-dominant hybrid can actually help with sleep issues. However, if you are looking for a guaranteed solid night’s sleep, a strain like Girl Scout Cookies might be your better bet, as it leans more towards the indica side.

Kindly consult with your medical marijuana specialist for proper guidance before diving into the world of Blue Dream for medical reasons as an MMJ patient. 

Blue Dream Taste and Smell

Imagine the most tantalizing blueberries you’ve ever tasted; that’s the irresistible taste you’ll find in the Blue Dream marijuana strain. Quite like a more fruity version of Runtz, Blue Dream offers a delicate sweetness in a sweet blueberry flavor with hints of spice, tangy citrus, and sandalwood.

Then, as you inhale the nicely complex aroma of smoke from a joint of Blue Dream, you’ll realize a velvety-smooth, sweet smoke that goes easy on your throat, tongue, and head.

stoner enjoying a joint of Blue Dream marijuana to get focused for the afternoon

Blue Dream Strain Effects?

Need a little boost to get your day going? Try a Blue Dream marijuana.

This hybrid strain has the right potency for a perfect daytime haze. It wakes you up with a lifted and energized feeling loaded with bursts of creativity and heightened focus.

However, when you need to wind down, this potent strain can take it chill with soothing stress and pain relieving sensations that get you in a snooze mood. It is no wonder its mild, long-lasting body and cerebral high have become a favorite among the medical marijuana community.

But, be careful with high doses, because, as much as they make Blue Dream marijuana perfect for bedtime, they could come with temporary but uncomfortable side effects like dry eyes, cottonmouth, and occasional paranoia. So be sure to stay hydrated when vibing with this strain!

THC Level

Blue Dream is a pretty potent strain, with THC levels ranging from 18 to 30%. (The Blue Dream buds photographed above grown by Wave Rider Nursery allegedly has a total cannabinoid content of 35.51%) If you’re new to the cannabis experience or still can’t handle high THC levels, start with low doses or try strains with lower THC potency, like Harlequin.

CBD Content

Blue Dream may not be the tastiest option for CBD oil since it only has about 0.1% CBD. But, the sativa dominant hybrid compensates with an up to 2% CBG level and 0.7% CBC.

Terpene Profile

The Blue Dream cannabis strain has dominant terpenes like the earthy Myrcene, the pine needle-scented Pinene, and the pepper-scented Beta-Caryophyllene. These terpenes not only smell with nice flavor profiles but also offer perks like pain relief and help with sleep.

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How much does Blue Dream cost?

Blue Dream prices in the US vary with your location, dispensaries, and how much you get.

A gram of Blue Dream typically costs about $20. But, if you’re planning to buy a whole ounce or pound, you are likely to get a discount. However, regardless of the quantity purchased, ensure you have the right storage gear to keep your buds fresh and you stay within a budget.

Some more affordable strains similar to the popular strain include Pineapple Express, Trainwreck, or Jack Herer. Always remember that mindful consumption is the key to an exceptional experience.

Is Blue Dream Indica or Sativa dominant?

Blue Dream marijuana is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a genetic crossing of 60% sativa from Super Silver Haze and 40% indica from Blueberry. Cannabis Pharmacy says Blue Dream marijuana is related to Blueberry Sativa and Blue Dragon. While a Blue Dream Leafly review mentions cool Blue Dream crosses like Pine Queen Dream and DJ Andy Williams.

Growing Blue Dream: Tips & Tricks

autoflower Blue Dream growing in a garden setting

Many growers find Blue Dream easy to grow compared to other sativas. Hence, with the right growing tools and knowledge, you can also grow top-tier Blue Dream marijuana. Here are some tips for growing Blue Dream properly:

  1. Keep an eye on the climate. Blue Dream genetics thrives indoors in a temperate Mediterranean climate (18°C–29°C, or 65°F–85°F). Outdoor climates within the stated range can work too.
  2. Due to its Silver Haze lineage, these plants can reach up to 6 feet. Trim early if growing indoors, and give neighbors a heads-up if growing outdoors.
  3. Keep soil pH between 6.0 and 7.0 and between 5.5 to 6.5 for hydroponic setups. Blue Dream grown in soil tends to grow bigger and yield more.
  4. The "sea of green" method is a popular cultivation technique for optimal plant growth.
  5. Indoor yields can exceed 400 grams per square meter, while outdoor growers can harvest up to 600 grams per plant if done correctly.
  6. Like a sativa, Blue Dream flowering time ranges from 9 to 12 weeks depending on environmental factors.
  7. Use techniques like topping and low-stress training to maintain a uniform canopy and prevent issues like bud rot, especially in humid environments.
  8. Keep Blue Dream hydrated. It needs about a gallon of water per plant a day on average.
  9. Blue Dream is usually resistant to mold and mildew but can be susceptible to spider mite infestations.

What Breeder has the best blue dream?

Blue Dream genetics has attracted breeders like bees to honey with multiple options of strains and crosses available to consumers and growers.

For example, Mystic Seeds’ Blue Dream has enhanced flavor and visual appeal and commercial traits like mold and pest resistance. DJ Short developed Blue Dream autoflower varieties that provide the best yield result in the shortest time.

Here's a potent cross (Blue Dream x Grateful Breath) from Fig Farms named Lucid Blue: 

Lucid Blue, Blue Dream crossed with Grateful Breath grown by breeder Fig Farms

While some breeders prioritize improving genetics for hydroponic setups, we think it grows best in soil like, Superb Soil.

And keep in mind, it doesn't matter where to buy Blue Dream seeds, each seed you pop will display a slightly different phenotype. The only way to be sure you are getting a true Blue Dream strain is with a clone cut.

Blue Dream Strain Final Review

Some final thoughts on our Blue Dream full review: Blue Dream is an exceptional sativa-dominant strain with a biphasic nature that makes it almost suitable for any setting. However, be cautious when selecting a Blue Dream genetics; lots of imitations out there. Make sure you choose a reputable Blue Dream breeder or a grower with the proper certifications who is open about their processes.

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