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The Fastest Way to Dry Weed - Ultimate Guide

December 23, 2019


cannabis buds

So, you now know how to grow pot, and your marijuana plant is ready for harvest! If you’ve grown it correctly, drying comes immediately after harvesting. A Pot for Pot has everything you need for your marijuana harvest, but you should prepare for drying before you finish growing your plants. 

While many excited marijuana growers want to know the fastest way to dry weed, you’ll need to learn the basics first.

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Here how you dry cannabis for the best results: 

How to Dry Your Marijuana (Quick Guide)

Harvest and Trim

When your plants are ready to harvest, it’s time to start the process of drying and curing. Most people prefer to cut off a branch, trim of chunks of flowers, and then trim the leaves from the buds. Doing it this way speeds up the drying time. 

You can also directly cut and trim the buds if you are using a drying rack, then neatly trim off the leaves from the buds after they have dried. If you want to avoid lots of time spent trimming the leaves, you could invest in a trimming machine.

Hang your Buds in a Dark Room

After you have trimmed your buds, transfer them to a dark room. Ensure that there is no sunlight streaming in. Your darkroom should have a temperature between 60°F and 70°F and humidity levels of 45-55%. 

To maintain your humidity levels, it helps to use a dehumidifier. Use an air conditioner to maintain the temperature if needed. Additionally, you should use a small fan to improve ventilation.

Check if the Weed is Dry

Leave your marijuana to dry for 5 to 15 days, checking daily for signs of mold, as well as to avoid overdrying. Rotate the buds daily to ensure they are drying evenly. Handle them by the stem to prevent breakages.

If you are a seasoned grower, you can tell if the weed is dry by just looking at it. However, as a guide, you can touch and tell. If the flowers are a bit crispy, and the branches snap, your buds are dry and ready to be cured.

Cure Your Weed

cannabis farmer

Curing ensures that your marijuana is completely dry and tastes good. Cannabis is cured by placing it in an airtight container, or plastic or glass canning jars. 

Open the jar every day for several minutes to let out any remaining moisture. If you are in a hurry and want a quick fix, you can cure it for two days, but if you are not in a rush, cure your weed for 2 to 4 weeks.

If you happen to get a whiff of ammonia smell, it is an indication that your weed did not dry properly before storing it. That ammonia smell means bacteria may have already invaded your buds. This is why you must ensure that they have adequately dried before storing.

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Optimal Conditions for Drying Weed

Drying cannabis is essential for great tasting weed. To ensure you are drying correctly follow these steps:

  • Dry your weed in a dark, cool, and well-aired room (except when the Sun Drying Method is used). 
  • Keep the temperature between 60°F and 70°F. High temperatures will reduce the humidity level (below 45%), causing your weed to dry too fast. 
  • Use a thermometer and hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity and adjust for fluctuations. 
  • Use heaters and air conditioners to manage temperature levels. 

Although drying as fast as possible may seem like what we want, drying fast can cause a harsh taste. On the other hand, lower temperatures will trigger an increase in humidity (above 55%). This makes the drying process take longer than expected, thus increasing the chances of mold infesting your buds.

Drying correctly can take a long time, which is why, over the years, many marijuana growers have tried experimenting with different ways of shortening the process. 

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Here is a list of what many experienced growers consider to be the fastest way to dry weed:

Best Ways to Dry Your Weed Fast

dried cannabis

An Electric or Gas-Powered Heater

This method is suitable for drying large amounts of cannabis. You’ll need either an electric or gas-powered heater. Before you start, make sure that the room you are using is dry and well ventilated. Inspect your buds and confirm that they are not sitting too close together, as this could result in mold growth. Mold spreads very fast, and it spoils the weed, making it nearly unmarketable. A heater is a good method for drying marijuana fast; however, be careful not to go too fast. You could end up with harsh tasting weed.  

Brown Bags

If you are running low on weed, or you do not have the patience to slowly dry and cure your cannabis, this method should help shorten the process to a few days, instead of weeks. If your buds are small (popcorn-sized), you can use brown paper bags to dry your weed. 

Place two or three newly harvested buds in the bag and leave it in a cool place for three to six days. After the 6th day, remove your weed from the bag, and voila! It is now ready for consumption!

Your laptop can also be a good source of heat for drying marijuana. Place your weed-filled brown bags on top of the laptop vent where heat is dispensed. After every 10 minutes, turn your bag. Repeat this process several times. 

When the weed is ready, you will feel its dryness upon touch. Drying with this method may take close to one hour. Keep in mind, this method may cause your weed to taste a little harsh, but it’s also easy and quick. 

Bake the Buds

dry cannabis plants

Baking your buds, also known as decarboxylation, is possibly the fastest way to dry weed. For this method, you’ll need an oven tray (a cookie sheet works) and buds. Place your buds on the tray and put them in the oven to bake for 10 minutes. Set the temperature between 125° and 140°. After five minutes, flip them and return them to the oven. Repeat this once. 

This method is great because it will not impact the potency of your buds. Also, it removes the water. However, the taste cannot be compared to that of slowly dried buds, and you will definitely taste the harshness.

Take care not to burn your weed because you can’t smoke it if you burn it. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, never set your oven temperature above 150°F. 

Dry the Buds in a Boiler Room

If your home has a boiler room, it is a great place to dry your weed. This area is mostly used to supply the house with warm water. When used to dry marijuana, the boiler helps maintain suitable temperature levels. There’s also minimal humidity. 

There are two ways to dry marijuana in a boiler room. You could try placing your marijuana in brown bags, then leaving them in the room for 3-4 days. 

You could also use strings to hang your buds and leave them up for 3-4 days to dry. The latter method is more suitable for people with a massive amount of marijuana to dry.

The good thing about drying your weed in a boiler room is that your potency will not be affected. However, this method will leave you paying higher utility bills, and the taste of the weed will not be fantastic. 

Dry Your Weed in the Sun

Also known as the Sun Dry Method, this is one of the best methods for quick drying marijuana, although it may not be the fastest way to dry weed. Before placing your cannabis in the sun, put it in a brown bag. Placing the marijuana in the sun helps remove humidity. The paper ensures that your weed dries completely.

The Sun Drying Method is best used when it is hot outside. The pro is that it provides you with a quick fix. Your weed will be ready after two days if the air is not very humid. The downside to this method is that the sun destroys the terpenes that give your weed its scent. It also dissolves the cannabinoids that get you high. 

Hang Your Weed to Dry

hanging cannabis to dry

Hanging your weed upside down in a dark heated room can help dry your plants quickly. First, you need to set the temperature in the place to around 92°F. Keep checking on your weed and make the necessary adjustments.

For instance, if the room is too humid, increase the airflow and let the temperature stay constant. Ensure that all parts of your harvest are heated in equal measure. 

Use a Microwave

This method is appropriate for small amounts of weed. Set your microwave at 50% full power and place your marijuana inside. Turn it every 15 seconds and leave it to cool for a minute. Repeat the process until your weed is dry. 

Freeze Drying 

A new company called CannaFreeze is manufacturing a freeze-drying unit, to be used by weed growers to dry their cannabis fast. The freezer freezes your weed, turning the moisture into crystals. 

The tiny water crystals are sucked from the plant using a low-pressure vacuum. The freezing unit leaves your marijuana without water and full of cannabinoids and terpenes. After 21 hours, your cannabis is more potent and resistant to dreadful conditions.

The freezer will cost you a pretty penny, and chemistry skills are vital to operating the machine. This makes it suitable for commercial marijuana producers and researchers.

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The Benefits of Drying Your Weed

Whether you use the fast or regular method, drying your weed thoroughly has some definite benefits. If you take your time with it, you could eliminate the harshness, eliminating that cough when smoking, or headaches after smoking your marijuana.

Here are more of the benefits of properly dried weed:

  • The unique smell of cannabis is brought out.
  • Fast-drying weed helps break down chlorophyll and improve the texture of the buds.
  • When cannabis is dried and cured correctly, the potency of the buds is brought out.
  • Thoroughly dried marijuana reduces the chances of the user experiencing paranoia, racing thoughts, or anxiety.
  • Drying helps eliminate the unpleasant smell of cut grass- the trademark of newly harvested marijuana.

The Curing Process

Curing weed is a way of fully drying your cannabis by allowing the trapped moisture inside the buds to be drawn to the surface. You will need airtight containers and jars, and avoid zip lock bags as moisture can get in. 

Step by Step Process of Curing Your Weed 

  1. After your weed is dry enough, trim off the buds from the stalk and place them in airtight jars. Make sure the humidity within the jars is between 60-65%.
  2. Shake the jar a little to ensure the buds are loosely packed and are not sticking together.
  3. Open the jar after every couple of days to let the moisture out for the first two weeks. This is referred to as burping. It allows the buds to breathe and let out moisture and prevents the formation of mold. It’s also a great time to inspect your dried flowers. 
  4. To check if your weed is cured correctly, sample it by smoking some. By this time, your marijuana should have 5 to 10% of the initial 80% moisture before it was dried.

The process of curing cannabis can take up to six months if you are not in a hurry, but if you need a quick fix, you can cure your weed for one or two weeks.

Curing weed helps in retaining the nutrients, flavors, and cannabinoids found in marijuana. It also helps in stopping the degradation process of compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids.

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Weed Storage

After your weed is cured, you should store it in a dark room, as light aids in breaking down cannabinoids. A refrigerator is also a good option, as the cool temperature helps in slowing down THC degradation. Use airtight containers to ensure the moisture within the refrigerator does not spoil your weed through mold formation. 

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If you are looking for the fastest way to dry weed, the methods above will work. However, your weed may turn out tasting harsh. For quality weed, be prepared to have the patience for a slow dry and cure.

Outside of growing, this step has a substantial impact on the potency, taste, and aroma of your final product. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Weed

Does dry weed lose potency?

It depends, its all about the drying, curing and storing process. Properly dried and cured marijuana will not lose potency over a long period of life one if kept in an airtight container (preferably, in a cool dark place). You can store it in a glass jar at a cool temperature out of the reach of light rays

Is dry weed better than moist weed?

Less it weights more you get. If its wet, It means it's not cured out properly and you should dry it out

Why is dispensary weed so dry?

Because it goes through a proper curing process

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